Dinner5 Professional

After three years, scores of events, and 150+ attendees, it’s clear that senior community leaders want and need something more: connection to a peer group over time, an environment of accountability, and enough time to solve complex leadership challenges.

Dinner5 Professional delivers all that and more.

Dinner5 Professional is a virtual 3-month, cohort-based program led by 20-year expert, Jake McKee. You meet with the same 5 community industry colleagues every other week for 6 total sessions. There will be professional development tasks designed to advance your skillsets between each session (like homework but don’t worry, it’s not like college).

Being part of Dinner5 Professional you will:

Each of the 6 sessions has the same flow:

  • Reconnect: How did you apply the lessons from the last session? What are the results of the homework? What issues came up that you want to talk through?
  • Extend: Dig into the new topic for that session in a way that helps each attendee turn it over in their mind and know clearly how to apply it for their specific personality, needs, and company context
  • Prepare: Take the standard homework assignment and together with the help of the group, customize that assignment for each colleague

Each session is a two-hour session that allows for free-flowing conversation. This isn’t a classroom, it’s a Stammtisch! (a weird German word for “an informal group meeting meant to create community and intimacy among those with a shared interest”).

While the flow is informal, the structure is set. Each session has a topic of leadership significance to advance both your career and your business results. Community leaders face unique challenges, and these topics are designed to meet those challenges head-on.

  • SESSION 1: Creating the higher calling
  • SESSION 2: Finding your leadership voice
  • SESSION 3: Creating your community product
  • SESSION 4: Planning your roadshow
  • SESSION 5: Developing community culture and modeling behaviors
  • SESSION 6: Building a self-care plan


In the realm of professional development, Dinner5 Professional is a steal!

Becoming a colleague costs $2,500 for a three-month cohort.

This fee also gets you one (1) hour of consulting with your host and 20+ year community development veteran, Jake McKee. This allows you to follow up or dig in on any conversations, ideas, or inspiration that comes out of a Dinner5 Professional session. 

You are welcome to renew every 3-months to continue growing your leadership skills. Sessions will change over time and will always present new information through joining a new group of people.

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