"Ridiculously efficient" is the phrase that comes to mind when I reflect on my experience with Jake as a Community Consultant. He is the consummate business professional that is diligent about listening, conducting a thorough discovery phase and making insight driven recommendations.
Victor Reiss
Cancer Treatment Centers of America
I worked with Jake to build out community management and community superuser strategies for Southwest Airlines. Jake was professional, reliable, and skilled in his work. I thoroughly enjoyed doing business with him and would work with him again. I'd recommend him to anyone looking to grow an online community, or take an existing online community to the next level. Jake assisted us with presentations and often helped pitch ideas to senior leaders. He was a sounding board for me and my team, and he is always willing to go the extra mile for his clients. I often reached out for quick consultations or simply to run a question past him, knowing he'd make the time to be available. Jake is serious about making sure he delivers a quality product to his clients.
Lindsey Duncan
Southwest Airlines
A polished and engaging speaker, Jake clearly understands and articulates the key principles involved in creating an enterprise-wide social strategy for large brands. His extensive experience in the industry in addition to his own time in the "social trenches" truly makes him qualified to partner with and advise others on this topic.
Tara Autrey
Aetna Care
Jake's expertise in social media is off the charts, and he's an incredibly astute, charismatic seller. He helped me get executive buy-in for an employee advocacy program that we implemented on a fast timeline and that had a profound impact on our strategy and culture.
Jean Scheidnes
Nieman Marcus
Jake is an amazingly brilliant coach and advisor for young startups (like ourselves). We worked with Jake remotely during the run-up to our SXSW Accelerator presentation in March of this year, and I left every one of our sessions humbled by and grateful for his insights. A natural presenter who can riff off the cuff ideas that are absolute diamonds, Jake is also a capable and supportive coach who puts the time in to help his charges discover their own voice, pace, and style up on the stage. He's great at messaging insights, as well as massaging egos when need be.
Jason Mercer
Cooler Technologies