A humbling story

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I have been “out there” on the Web for years now. Search my name and you can piece together a pretty solid picture of who I am, where I’ve been, and what I’ve done going back years. There’s a lot of downside to this, but without question the biggest upside is that when you have an impact on someone, it’s easy for them to find you and share that impact.

As some of you know, I wrote a book a few years back called Getting Started with LEGO Trains. I’ve always hated it (I’m a perfectionist, and as my first book, I learned a metric ton of lessons for next time), but when I read emails like the one below, I feel really proud of my work.

Allow me to share…

My name is Deann and am writing on behalf of my 5 year old son, Caden. He loves 3 things…LEGO, trains, and directions! My sister gave him your book as a gift and he pretty much gave up his “blankie” and now sleeps with your book. He carries it around the house like it is a part of him.

My son is a very interesting child with an old soul. He is very bright but doesn’t relate well with children his own age. I got him his first big box of LEGOs right after he turned 3 and that has been a life saver. His lego table is our pool table and he will spend a significant amount of time on that or He locks himself in the “train room” and will build and create for hours. He comes up with the most amazing things for his age. He also likes following complex lego directions…I recently purchase the “Emerald Night” and he completed it by himself in a matter of days. He is now in search of a black steam train similar to the Polar Express to build but I do not have a clue where we can find instructions or pieces for that. I am sure he will find away to create one on his own. Anyway, I just want to thank you for writing “Getting Started with LEGO Trains.” Its like you wrote it especially for him.

Springfield, MO

Thanks Deann. And keep on building, Caden! Maybe one day you too can work for LEGO. I proved that living the dream is possible!


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