AA Debacle: Jake's Reply

Here’s my reply to the latest message from AA (mentioned in this previous post):

First let me say thank you for your response. Unfortunately this message – clearly a canned answer – did absolutely nothing to address my concerns and problem. In fact, you’re doing more to harm our relationship than to help it with this response. The tone of the message, especially the last paragraph, borders on insulting. You’d have done better to simply not reply at all.

I’d ask you to re-read my original mail (inline below) and address my concerns. I understand your policies as you’ve outlined them, as I understood them in the original call with the agent and her supervisor referenced in my original mail.

The policy, however, was not and is not the problem. The problem centers around the fact that the original agent told me that the policies were something different than what you’ve outlined below. The problem is that you’re willing to give up a long-term relationship with a valuable customer over your desire to make me pay a $50 fee. The problem is not even the fee, it’s the attitude displayed by the tone and content of this email, as well as the attitudes of the reps I spoke with.

Please make sure to read my original email below before responding again. Canned answers may work for certainly "standard" inquiries, but this is not a "standard" inquiry.

Thank you,
Jake McKee

Yeah… the clock is still running on that "resolution" thing…


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