Blogger’s Mission

You know he’s right

The Kryptonite lock story seems to be the classic example of a company not responding to the blogosphere and to its customers. Today they tell their side of the story at Naked Conversations. I think this is a cautionary tale for bloggers as well as companies though.

If you look at the comments and trackbacks you’ll see comments like “Sha’! Puh-lease! Tell me this…do you believe a word she says? It sounds like too little too late PR babble to me.” Pretty brutal if you ask me.

There seems to be a mentality at times in the blogosphere that if you are not attacking some company than you aren’t doing what bloggers are supposed to do. Believe an answer from a company? What are you crazy?

Another all too common attitude is that bloggers are always right (unless they disagree with ones preconceived notions or are advancing the wrong political agenda).

The main stream media takes a lot of heat for shoddy reporting, biased results and failure to tell both sides of the story. Often those criticisms are just and valid. But guess what? The reason that happens is that the main stream media is run by people and people have biases. Now a surprise. Bloggers are also people. No, really. They are not super human gods of truth.


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