Blogging and the new Public Square

I stumbled upon this blog post from the Gift Hub blog, where I’ve been called to task for… well… I’m not exactly sure. Here’s the comment:

The Community Guy wants a community he literally owns in which the slaves work happily for him for free creating intellectual property that will attract more slaves in a virtuous circle, until The Community Guy is filthy rich. This is Web 2.0, and is beginning to seem like Democracy 2.0 as well. "The Market will prevail," as they used to say in the Charleston slave marekt as they unloaded the ships of their precious human cargo. Of course that was coerced. Today consumer-slaves work for free inside these surrogate communities because they are motivated by the Jakes of the world who fancy themselves social venture entreprenurs doing well by doing good. It is about time that people who know the difference between a market and a polis gave the Jakes of the world some remedial education in the public square. Pro bono publico.

Over on that blog’s comments, I issued a challenge to Phil: school me. Give me the education. Consider this blog post the new Public Square. Please, oh please, explain to me how Web 2.0 and slavery even deserve to be in the same discussion.

(As you might imagine, I have comments about this. I’m going to refrain from sharing them until Phil has had a chance to start the educational process)


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