Brand = User Experience

In this great article, I found a terrific synopsis of today’s "brand" environment:

A Brand these days is a “User Experience” in the broadest sense – a combination of look, feel and function. This maps to the old paradigm – Look is the Visual Identity, and Feel, the messaging and emotional out-take. But Feel now also covers Brand behaviors – how a Brand does something. And Function is completely new – what the Brand does. That used to just be the product. Now, with digital, that’s no longer so – the product is one part of the “function” of the Brand, the digital experience another. These days, for some Brands, the product and the digital experience are merging into one.

And from the same article there was no way I could pass this quote up:

"One simple measure of how bad things are for the ad industry was a recent online survey by InterBrand. Questioning 2500 marketing professionals, they voted Google the most influential Brand of 2005. Google has never run a major advertising campaign, yet it is top of mind for marketers worldwide."

Or better yet, this one:

"…the question has changed from “what should we say?” to “what should we do?” or, more importantly, ‘what should we let customers do?”"

Let’s repeat that for effect…. the question for brands is no longer "what should we say", but "what should we let customers do".


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