I’m not exactly sure what it’s going to be, but it looks interesting. And most everything coming out of SixApart is worth paying attention to.

Project Comet will launch in early 2006 and will combine the publishing power of TypePad, the community aspects of LiveJournal and the years of insight garnered from Movable Type. Project Comet is focused on creating an advanced weblogging technology platform combining the best elements of all our products, giving people the ability to easily stake out, build and share their own place on the web.

Project Comet will incorporate the latest technologies, some of which include:

  • Community Aggregation: Gives you the ability to create individual blogs and share sections of them with other users in an elegant and customizable way.
  • Multiple Streams: Provides a single place to keep everything that is important to you. A record of your life is created by incorporating streams from various media, like music, photos, videos and other blogs into a single customized blog with an identity of its own.
  • Privacy: Lets you decide who gets to see what parts of your blog in addition to existing password protections for entire blogs.

Learn about Project Comet directly from Mena
Read the Press Release
Get more details from the Project Comet FAQ

Project Comet will hit the market in early 2006. Stay Tuned!


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