Community Contest 2007: Explain Yourself

Trembly getting a 10 minute explaination

Community Contest 2007 rolls on! (Today’s prize is HUGE, so read on)

It’s Day 4, and we’ve covered a lot of ground since kickoff a few days ago. We’ve talked about how sharing is a trust exercise, how worthwhile sharing requires sharing pieces of yourself, and how you have to put others first in order to fully benefit from the act of sharing.

Notice that we’ve not really even started the sharing process? Good communicators don’t rush in and start spilling their guts before they’ve surveyed the landscape. Great sharing comes with great context. It might be interesting to share the development cycle of your latest widget development with your community members, but it’s even more interesting to explain to them why the development cycle has played out like it has. Adding the context, hopefully one with some amount of personal depth, helps me understand not only what’s happening, but why I should care.

Day 4 Challenge: Convince me to like it too

As with the rest of the week, today’s challenge is straightforward:

  • Find a beautiful/smart/social/fun/interesting Web site (blog, ecommerce, social network, whatever)
  • Tell me in the comments of this post why you are so enraptured by that particular site.

See, nice and easy! Be warned, however, points will only be scored (on my magical score card) for really great explanations, as well as unique selections. Amazon’s great, one of my favorite sites on the Web, but not a very interesting selection for this challenge. Bring me new stuff!

Day 4 Prize: A custom designed WordPress theme!

The wonderful, fantastic, talented Jeremy Harrington has donated his mad designer skillz to the contest. He’s offering a custom designed, totally personal WordPress theme for your blog!


Deadline for Submissions: Midnight Central Standard Time (CST), 25 October. That’s tonight, so what are you waiting on??

Original Photo Credit: wcamlin


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