Cool new search engine..sorta…

I just came across Blingo, a new search engine with an interesting concept.

Blingo is a new search engine that gives away prizes every day like Apple iPods, Amazon Gift Certificates, a year of free movies at Blockbuster Online, and more.

By joining Blingo Friends you can invite your friends to use Blingo, and when one of them wins a prize you win the same prize. That means if one of your friends wins an iPod, you win one too.

Blingo is basically just a skin on Google, and has only launched Web searching (Pictures and News coming soon).

So rather than choosing to search at, if you choose to seach at Blingo, using google, you have the chance to win prizes for you and your friends. Prizes such as:

  • Apple iPod Mini (or an Amazon gift certificate)
  • Apple iPod Shuffle (or an Amazon gift certificate)
  • One Year of Free Movies from (or an Amazon gift certificate)
  • TiVo Personal Digital Video Recorder with a Year of TiVo Service (or an Amazon gift certificate)
  • Blingo Movie Ticket Certificate good for one adult admission to theatres throughout the US

And in case you’re wondering:

How can Blingo afford to give away prizes?
Just like other popular search engines, we charge advertisers for placing sponsored links on our site. These links are always clearly identified and separated from search results.

I think this is an incredible business model. They’re using an existing, accepted technology like Google search, adding a layer of fun and enticement on top of it, and building in a networked way of continually driving interest and awareness for a tiny fraction of what it costs to do any amount of advertising.

If you decide to sign up, use this link to join my network.


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