Delicious Daily Posting Setup

As part of wrapping up BlogFusion version 5.0, I’m finalizing new tech that allows me to use the Delicious Daily Posting functionality. This allows me to display  the links I’ve added to delicious each day on my blog. Pretty cool feature, and lets me show you what I’m paying attention to in the course of a day.

There’s a good chance, depending on the blog application you use, that you can do this too. Details are below.

1. Go to and either login or sign up
2. Click on "Settings"
3. Click on "daily blog posting"
4. Click "add new thingy"
5. Enter the info – for details on what each of the fields really means, Lee has outlined them clearly.

There was one issue I couldn’t seem to figure out though – "out_time" calculations. Lee had this to say about that value:

out_time: The time you’d like the links to be posted every day. The value should between 0 and 23, based on GMT. A value of “7” means a post at midnight, Seattle time, 3am New York time.

Yeah, maybe it’s because I’m not that good at math but I could never figure out how to calculate the times correctly as I tested things and changed around the best time of day to have delicious post. So I made a chart.

Hopefully this will help others figure out this tricky GMT conversion thing.

(You’ll be seeing the results of my work here soon – I just need to finish up BlogFusion v5 and update the code that runs this site!)


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