Delivering on Brand Promises

Last week I shut down my laptop at the office, drove 20 minutes to my presentation at the BMA Dallas, and turned on my laptop when I got there to prepare for my talk.


No video, minor hard drive spinning, nothing. After winging it during the talk, I headed to the Apple store. The next Genius Bar appointment was nearly 5 hours away. After mentioning that I was going to be getting on a plane to Copenhagen in a matter of hours, the Apple employee took pity and ran my laptop to the back for a quick assessment of what needed to be done.

Apparently the logic board had gone bad and would take 5-7 days minimum to be fixed at a minimum cost of $310. Since I can’t be off my computer for that long, especially for an overseas trip, I ended up escalating my upgrade plans. (I have been planning on replacing my very, very well worn MacBook Pro, just not so quickly)

When I arrived back in my office, I plugged my Time Machine drive into the new MacBook Pro and left it to copy files to the new computer.

When I returned two hours later, I had a new computer that was setup exactly as I’d left my old one. Preferences, settings, applications, documents, and everything else exactly where it should be.

Apple’s “brand promise” has been “It just works”, and this experience certainly proves that to be true.

What’s your company’s brand promise? How well are you delivering on it?


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