Derek’s newest effort:

Community rockstar, Derek Powazek (the guy that literally wrote the book on community) has launched a new site that is quite fascinating. Here’s his announcement from last night.

Hello and thank you for signing up to be notified when Pixish launches. As of this moment, Pixish is alive!

SHORT VERSION: Pixish is a new site where you can create image contests. Check it:

Here’s the longer version:

FOR ARTISTS: You’ve got talent, admit it. You can draw, paint, take a great photo, or design something beautiful. But you need a way to get your work out there. Pixish is your chance to get published.

On Pixish you’ll find Assignments from people who need visual art for all kinds of projects. Each Assignment will have different requirements and rewards. If one inspires you, you can submit. The Pixish community can then vote up the best submissions. In the end, the Publisher who started the Assignment will choose a winner and give out any listed rewards.

FOR PUBLISHERS: Right now, if you want images, you have two options. You could hire an artist (expensive, difficult, and time-consuming) or you could surf microstock sites (cheap, but frustrating and time-consuming). Pixish seeks to be a middle path.

On Pixish, you can post an Assignment that asks for exactly the kind of imagery you need. The Pixish creative community can then submit their work, and review each other’s submissions. Then all you have to
do is pick the winners and send the rewards.

This may sound like some sites you know already – Threadless uses similar “wisdom of crowds” techniques to create t-shirts (and they rock!). But Pixish is not limited to just one product. On Pixish, anyone can create an open call for submissions to any visual project: t-shirts, magazines, websites, books, anything! I made an assignment for a tattoo (but don’t tell my grandma).

We just launched and are still very beta, but I’d love it if you’d come take a look. Please consider starting an Assignment the next time you need imagery for a project, or even just for fun. And let us know what you think, okay?

With thanks,

— Derek

The site design is appealingly simply, the sign-up process has a fantastic flow to it (especially the site terms and conditions), and the concept is very cool.

Hopefully we’ll see the site functionality grow over time. My biggest request is a connection to the Flickr API so that I don’t have to download my photos then upload them again into Pixish. It’d be great to just point to my Flickr stream and have at it.

I have my first two contests open [first] [second], so I’m excited to see how it goes!


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