Go Scott Monty!

Genius social media guy, Scott Monty has taken the plunge and joined Ford as their in-house social media guru. Adweek has the details (and a good article around big brands starting to step into this realm):

When it comes to social media, Ford is an admitted neophyte. It dipped its toe in the water with its well-received “Bold moves” campaign in 2006, and it hired a social-media consulting firm to create blog-friendly press releases. But for the most part, it has remained on the sidelines when it comes to using new technology tools to foster two-way conversations with customers and its employees.

The company hopes to change that, in part with the recent hiring of a social-media expert, Scott Monty. The well-known blogger and exec at new-media shop Crayon is trading a “virtual company” of a handful of people for a 250,000-employee monolith that’s struggling to reinvent itself.

“They needed an internal evangelist, someone who can work within the company to bring all the disparate groups together,” said Monty, whose background includes a stint as an account director at b-to-b agency PJA Advertising + Marketing. Monty’s new boss, vp of communications Ray Day, agrees: “Frankly, we were behind the times. We need to leapfrog where we are and move really quickly.”

Congrats, Scott. We’re all rooting for you! (Oh yeah, Ford too)


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