Graco blog is fantastic

As a (relatively) new parent, the Graco brand certainly has made a footprint in our household. Through a new Twitter friend, I found out about the new(ish) Graco blog. As a corporate blog, this is one of the best I’ve seen yet. That’s pretty impressive considering the role the Graco Legal Department probably played in this launch, and ongoing maintenance!

Here’s a few reasons why Graco is rocking this blog:

Parenting content first, product second
It’s absolutely fantastic that when I read the blog tonight, there was 4 entries before I came to one about the Graco product, and even that lacked any blatant “sales”. Instead focusing on the fact that Graco customers created a mashup to showcase where the new product was appearing in stores locally around the US.  The Graco blogging team clearly understands that they’re here to connect with parents, and what better way than to talk about parenting? Once the connection’s made, who do you think those parents are going to choose?

Put the rules front and center
The main nav, as well as the top of the left sidebar both contain links to the Rules of Engagement. Easy to fine, easy to read, easy to understand. Therefore, it’s hard to ever argue that Graco didn’t respect the users if they have to decline to post comments.

Get the whole team involved
There’s a great  collective voice to the blog that really showcases the team overall, rather than anyone person due to the fact that multiple bloggers are blogging. Instead of just showcasing an individual, you’re really conveying the spirit of the team. And of course, they pass The Bus Test.

Subscribing is easy
Like the Rules of Engagement, “How to Subscribe” is prominently shown in the main navigation and left sidebar. The wording is simple, understandable to even those who are reading a blog, any blog for the first time. Even better, the Subscribe page is very simple and gives clear directions rather than tech terms.

The mission is in the header
Right up at the top, the purpose of the blog is clearly stated. Wonder what a blog from a product manufacturer is all about? They tell you:

So much happens at Graco whether we are developing new resources for parents or being parents ourselves. Stop by often and hear directly from members of the Graco family about our passion for creating a company that relieves worry so you can experience the wonder of each new moment with your child.

Doesn’t reinvent the wheel
They’re using WordPress, and they’re not afraid to admit it. (Check the footer) Kudos to overcoming the silly corporate mindset that permeates too many groups that custom software somehow equates to more “professional”.

Congratulations to the Graco team for navigating what must be difficult political and legal waters to produce yet another great product. Now I’m off to read more about how to parent a child that sounds a whole lot like me at that age. Sorry, Mom & Dad…


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