Great Presentations: One more tip for Mac users

A few weeks back, I wrote about my tips for creating a great presentation/speech and one of the tips encouraged you to start a fresh browser, clearing open tabs, your auto-complete history, and any other personal data you wouldn’t want to stumble upon in front of a crowd.

For Mac users, I’ve discovered a new tool that can make this process even easier. Fluid is a Mac application that allows you to create Site Specific Browsers (SSBs). Basically SSBs use the core browser engine (in Fluid’s case, it’s Safari) to create a standalone browser that operates just like your main browser, but completely separate of your bookmarks, tabs, history, open tabs, and so on. It’s like having two standalone programs running on your computer, although they’re using the same core code.

The original intent of Fluid was to create “browser programs” that only open one site. For instance, if you use Gmail, you could create a SSB for Gmail and it’s like opening an actual email application, it doesn’t get lost in a mess of other tabs, and it doesn’t crash if your web browser crashes.

The nice thing for presenting, however, is that you can have a presentation SSB, totally clean without having to screw around with cleaning up your day-to-day browser.

Check out the video below for even more cool features of Fluid. (Not all are relevant to public speaking, but it’s still cool)

Fluid Thumbnail Plug-in | from Todd Ditchendorf on Vimeo.


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