Hertz Service Wows Me!

1322287263_24d156460e_m.jpgI know I’ve written frequently about my various horrendous customer service issues in the past, but I’m happy today to be able to share a fantastic story of wonderful, unexpected customer service and customer loyalty. Here’s the background:

I’ve always been a big fan of Hertz for rental cars because they tend to have the best service, cleanest cars, and funnest models (convertible Mustang, anyone?). Sure, Hertz is often the most expensive of the rental companies, but damn do they earn their money. Most of the time, anyway.

In a recent trip to Orlando for blogOrlando I rented from Hertz. When I arrived at the off-site rental counter, I was faced with an incredibly rude desk clerk. When I finally got to the car, it smelled (literally) like urine. Fortunately, when I returned inside to get an exchange, the second desk clerk was extremely helpful.

The day after I returned home, Hertz sent me a request for feedback survey link. I filled it out, sharing my disappointment. As soon as I hit the submit button, I completely forgot about it.

Imagine my absolute delight today when I received a letter today from (the office of) John Cherry, Orlando General Manager. Not only did he apologize for the poor service, he signed it personally. In ink. This wasn’t a standard form letter! And to make things absolutely amazing, he included a $100 gift certificate.



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