How are you exciting and delighting?

Spike points out the value of the hidden easter egg on the relationship you build with your most dedicated fans.

I finally got a chance to go see Ironman this past weekend. And I was not disappointed. A couple of weeks back on opening day, I was reading through some posts on twitter and a lot of folks were telling others that they should stay though the end of the credits.

So I did. And after an almost full theatre emptied, there were less than 10 of us left. And while I’m not hard-core enough of a Marvel fan to know just what those 15 seconds meant, I went home and looked it up.

My point is this: a lot of people can be fans of your brand. Fans who buy your product or service on a regular basis, that is. But what are you doing for those that are the true blue fans? The ones that will wait after everyone else is gone? The ones that will stay an extra ten minutes for just a tiny little piece of information? That thirst for more information about you and a deeper relationship with you?

So many brands keep their communities (or their illusion of one) at arms length – especially the “crazy fans.” But what would happen if it was the opposite? What would happen if you left those secret Easter Eggs out there especially for those highly passionate fans to find?

You know what would happen? They’d stay until the end of the credits. After that? Magic.

Magic, indeed. Of course, you have to pay enough attention to them in the first place to understand what small touches will actually excite and delight them. Think that’s a lot of work? Maybe, but only at first. Like any good relationship, the dating process is time consuming and trying but it’s also fun and can lead to great things if you stick with it.


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