Jake goes Big in Japan

Some of you have been asking for more details on what my new gig is all about. Never one to disappoint, I figured I’d post some details.

Are you Big in Japan?

Quite simply, Big in Japan is a toolkit to make you Big in Japan. Big in Jersey. Big to all those who matter to you. Big is connection. Big is a relationship. Big is success.

Big in Japan is a toolbox that gives you (yes, you) multiple methods to put social media to work. Here’s how our process works:

First, we need to understand your business and your needs. What’s going to define “success” for you? Is it a full blown strategy for creating an online support community? Or perhaps it’s simply a branded version of one of our cool free tools? Next, we’ll develop a strategy for how you can best connect with your consumers, fans, users to make success happen. Then we’ll work with you as long as you need us to make sure that success grows bigger. That’s right … until you’re Big in Japan.

For you detail oriented types, here’s a bit more info on our capabilities.

We Teach
The road to success is paved with knowledge. Sure, it can’t buy you a Ferrari, but it can help you look smart to your boss, or your clients. We’ll make sure you understand how to use, how to talk about, and how to sell (even internally) the concepts of social media and consumer engagement.

We Design
Like painters, photographers, and wood carvers, we’re designers. We design social systems, consumer engagement strategies, and tools that help make communication easier.

We Build
As much as we love to talk, we also do. Our Big in Japan free tools are a great example of that. So are the client blogs we’ve built. And emerging technologies like wikis, and WordPress plugins, and microformats. (Oh my)!

We Manage
What’s the best part of social technology? When it works. After we’ve built it, we can make sure it’ll work, even when you’re Big in Japan. And if you ever have problems, questions, or just feel like chatting the call center support staff is just a phone call away.

When you’re ready to be Big in Japan, give me a shout.

Jake McKee
Lead Samurai, Big in Japan



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