Kudos Verizon

I’ve been waiting to be able to sign up for the Verizon FiOS service for some time. My friends have been teasing me about how fast their fiber optic internet connection is and how clear their fiber-based TV is. So you can imagine how happy I was when the construction was done in front of the house and the fiber was connected up to the house. I’ve been waiting for the last step of the install (the one I have to be home for) since before Christmas. To say that process hasn’t been that smooth is an overstatement. The Verizon contracts keep calling us and scheduling appointments, then call a few days later to tell us that our "requested time slot" isn’t available. We’re on three appointments like that. Each time I plan my work day around it, adjust my schedule, etc.

So I called Verizon’s customer support to complain and try to get  a firm date. Turns out that there was even more problems when the support folks pulled up the notes on my account.

When I called in, I immediately asked for a supervisor. Kristine, my initial contact, was sweet as pie and did her best to speed my call along. Her supervisor, Edna Cunningham from the Dallas office, was doubly sweet, calm, and apologetic. Not only did she issue me a $75 credit ($25 per missed visit), she helped me work through the issues of missed appointments.

Fantastic service! Now let’s hope that they actually show up on our scheduled appointment later this week.

UPDATE: For some reason this entry didn’t get published when I wrote it. The Verizon folks showed up on time, and the two repairmen were fantastic. Nice, quick, and helpful.

How’s the service? TV looks fantastic. The Internet is blazing fast. I can’t recommend it enough.


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