Moderation Services are Maturing

My friend Tamara at eModeration turned me onto Crisp Thinking , a provider of community moderation software that helps live moderators make faster, better decisions. She says great things about them, and as one of the top experts in the field of moderation, when she speaks, I listen.

The clever people in our business have spent several years researching and developing a range of tools specifically designed to protect children from online predators. The first of these tools delivers long-range protection by monitoring, analysing and assessing online relationships as they develop over a period of time. It does this by examining live chat and instant messenger conversations. We call it the Engine for Relationship Analysis, or ERA™ for short. The ERA reads between the lines of these conversations, examining behaviour and providing an insight into what motivations correspondents really have.

But that’s not all. We’ve also developed another tool that protects children by scanning message dialogue for key words and phrase patterns. We call this the Engine for Content Analysis (ECA™).The ECA provides medium-range protection by searching for the specific content that can be an indicator for the types of harmful behaviour we’ve trained the ERA to uncover. As well as certain types of sexual and profane language, the ECA also looks for personal information such as phone numbers or addresses, the disclosure of which may compromise a child’s safety in the “real world”.

Finally, we’ve constructed a system to help virtual communities who host live chat facilities shield their young users from inappropriate content and enforce their codes of conduct. This is the Real-time Message Filter (RMF™). The RMF offers short-range protection by either screening out or blocking completely any inappropriate content before it reaches its intended recipient.

Has anyone used Crisp Thinking?


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