More cool moderation services

Yesterday I pointed out Crisp Thinking as an example of the maturation of moderation services. Here’s one more example to back up my theory; check out Keibi:

The Keibi Moderation Suite® is a solution for the moderation and classification of user generated content (UGC). We help Online Communities discover and remove inappropriate content to optimize advertising inventory and improve revenue opportunity.

How It Works…

The Keibi Moderation Suite quickly processes large volumes of UGC – Images, Animations, text and Video both uploaded and on remotely hosted sites – and holistically grades it by looking at multiple signals such as individual item score, account it came from, and past history of violations. Potentially inappropriate items and accounts are prioritized for Moderator analysis. A unique users interface optimally designed for high throughput processing allows Moderators to quickly review items from multiple accounts simultaneously, easily investigate the location and author of questionable material, and pinpoint where problem content is most likely to appear.

… And Learns

The solution also builds intelligence overtime, essentially learning what you deem inappropriate, and which specific accounts are chronic abusers of terms of use. By incorporating past decisions in future assessments, the solution continually improves grading performance overtime, which further improves the efficiency of moderation efforts.

A Comprehensive Solution for Moderation Teams

Moderators simply click on an item to toggle through decision states choosing to Accept, Delete or Escalate. They can also classify their reason for choosing to Delete a Text item as Obscene, Racist, Violent or Abusive. An Alert system allows Moderators to forewarn others working on an aggregate Section or Account level of their decision against an individual item. Managers can view the activity level of individual moderators, conduct quality assurance testing to ensure terms of use are uniformly enforced, and leverage business intelligence reports to assess the overall risk of inappropriate content on the site.

Does anyone have any experience with Keibi?


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