Mommy Madness: The power of a single influencer

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Last week on the Ant’s Eye View blog, I posted an interview with Amy Krause from Velocity Marketing. Velocity, together with CBS Radio and the North Texas Chevy dealers built a very cool outreach program to get the word out about the new (and highly awesome) Chevy Traverse.

I had a chance to get a few questions answered by Donna, one of the Mommy Madness mommy bloggers.

1. How did you find out about the Mommy Madness program?
I heard about the promotion on the radio, and had every intention of going to the website to apply but I forgot. Then a few days later, I got a message via Facebook from the contact at CBS Radio who was running the program for them. I think they found me via you actually.

2. Tell us about how you were immersed into the program?
We had a meeting a few weeks before the program kicked off with the CBS Radio and the agency contacts, we got to meet each other and swap blog names and emails. The day of the kick off we had a big meeting with the people from Chevrolet and the North Texas Chevy dealers, as well as the CBS Radio personalities who would be talking to us and about us throughout the program. We were given cards to hand out, a video camera, and documents on how to blog our adventures. We also were given gas cards and the materials for our first Mommy Mission. Then we got to spend a long time with our dealers going over all the details of the cars.

3. What was your favorite part of the program?
I loved the Mommy Missions – they were fodder for our blog entries and created stuff to talk about.

4. You were able to drive a new, cool car for 8 weeks – was it hard to give it up at the end?
Horribly painful to part with it. I still miss that car every day. Especially when I am at the store or loading and unloading. I really want the auto liftgate back.

5. You were given “mommy missions”, specific tasks where you were asked to generate and share content. Did you like doing those?
I loved them. I wish we had had more of them to do!

6. How did you explain the program to friends and family who asked where you’d gotten a new car from?
I explained how Chevy was rolling out the perfect family vehicle and I was lucky enough to be chosen to test drive one and write about its features and how versatile it is.

7. Did you befriend the other moms? Do you still talk to any of them after the program ended?
I did. We were all very friendly with one another during the project. I started doing “unofficial” mommy missions with Brooke and her daughter (although we invited all the other moms, we were the only two who seemed able to get together at the same times). We both have left Dallas but we still keep in contact. Also Jen and I met up at BlogHer and had some fun chatting.

8. If you were running Mommy Madness 2, what would you change? What would you keep the same?
I would make more Missions, and I would make them more formal. For example, sending us to the Rangers game was nice, but they could have made some arrangements with the Ballpark to make a fuss over us, maybe set up a table so we could talk to people and show them around a parked Traverse, give away the gift certificates for the massages. Same with the outing to Six Flags. Those were opportunities to reach a TON of people who would totally have stopped at a table and a parked car for freebies. We could have convinced them to go test drive more cars. Also at the very end, they came up with the idea of asking us to throw a party for our friends, and have a Chevy dealer bring a Traverse and let people take test drives. That was great, but it was so last minute that I couldn’t pull it off. They should have come up with that at the beginning and more of us would have been able to have the parties and attend each others’ parties. As it stood, only one of the five of us was able to host a party. Also, I think we should have been on the radio more. We did one group recorded interview, but we could have scheduled a call in interview once a week to do something one on one and in more detail.

Don’t forget to check out the interview with Amy!


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