Need gift ideas this year?

Struggling to find gift ideas this year? No worries, your friendly neighborhood Community Guy is here to help! The items listed below are a few of my favorite things, things I recommend regularly or just love too much to not share.

I’d love to hear in the comments what your favorite things are!

Terminator Dreams
One of the best, if not the best Terminator books I’ve read (and I’ve read most of them). Fun Terminator story, great action, and mind screw time travel thinking. Who could wish for more??

Brave Shave
While giving shaving cream for Christmas might not seem like a very good present, just wait until the first time the recipient uses it. They’ll thank you for days.

North Face Power Stretch Gloves
Speaking of presents that are usually uncool to give, but in this case are way cool… these gloves fit tightly, allowing you to use a pen, get your keys out of your pocket, or even take a credit card out of your wallet. Nice.

Road to Perdition
Many people seem to have missed this movie, but it’s true one of the greats. My favorite Tom Hanks movie, and beautifully done from top to bottom. The acting is some of the best you’ll ever see, the story is compelling and sad and funny. The music is haunting and nearly a character in itself.

Riding Rockets
One of the best books I’ve ever read, and certainly one of the best books about the Space Shuttle program. This auto-biography follows one of the first class of Shuttle training cadets through to recent time, tracking the program and his personal experiences. Absolutely fascinating read.

Speaking of great books, this one is a fun, light, fast, and (literally) hilarious book. I never laugh out loud at books (I’m a visual thinker), but this book made me do so on a number of occasions.

Amazon Kindle
You may remember me writing about why I love the Kindle, so I won’t rehash here. This is an amazing device and fun to have around too.

Wells Lamont Gloves
Without question, the “tool” that I use most when I pop open the toolbox or work on absolutely anything around the house is my Well Lamont Sport Utility Gloves that I bought at Lowes 5 years ago. They fit tight, wash clean, and are the first thing I look for when starting a new project.

Shure Headphones
There are a number of Shure headphones you can pick up these days, but all of them are incredible. Sound and comfort are amazing, and if your reciepent is still using the white iPod earbuds, well, you know what to do.

This Little Piggy’s Playhouse
Kinds love playhouses. And they love cardboard boxes. What if you combine to the two to make an inexpensive, green, fun playhouse for kids? Very, very cool product.

RichardSolo iPhone Battery
I have recently acquired the RichardSolo 1800 battery back up for the iPhone. Handy, and recharges the iPhone in no time flat. Really quite amazing.

Y: The Last Man
This graphic novel has one of the most interesting and well told storylines of modern time. Yep, of modern time. Even if your recipient doesn’t like “comic books”, they may very well like this story. There are 10 volumes, but start them on volume 1 and see what they say.

What Christmas would be complete without a fun LEGO set, whether huge or a simple stocking stuffer?

The White Balance Lens Cap
Very cool accessory for the SLR photographer in your life. But from Photojojo to help support that great site, but if you run out of time you can also find it on Amazon.

The Water Bottle Tripod
Very fun, inexpensive, and fairly unique idea for anyone who carries around a pocket sized camera but understand the value of great, steady pictures. Ditto buying this from Photojojo, or Amazon.

Darn Tough Travel Socks
It’s so crazy it’s cliche! Socks? For Christmas?? Yeah, trust me on this one. If you find yourself regularly walking through airport security sans-shoes, you’ll know why you’ll be willing to spend $19 at REI to buy a fantastic pair of socks.


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