New Phone!

Through work, I had to upgrade my phone when I switched to AT&T. I had one big thing I needed – Bluetooth. For as much as I’m on my mobile phone (i’m a remote employee and I travel a lot), I really, badly wanted a Bluetooth headset. I’m also out at events often, and wanted to have a camera, though the headset was the priority. I discovered that only the Smartphones (mobile phones running the Microsoft Pocket PC operating system) had Bluetooth on them, and to be honest, I had zero interest in a Smartphone. I’ve been trying to reduce the gadget clutter, believe it or not, and another big, clunky gadget was not a great option. I’ve had Pocket PC PDAs in the past, and never could get used to using them.

That all changed when I put my hands on it the first time. I’ve had my new Audiovox Smartphone for two days now and I’m already hooked! Since the phone and the PDA functions are all in one device, I can sync my meetings, literally surf the Web, and store all kinds of stuff (music, documents, PPT slides, etc.)

"Wait… did he just say surf the Web?"

Yep, that’s right. So of course, I spent last night and tonight modifying the BlogFusion (running this blog) application to add the ability to post from a Smartphone.

I’m leaving for my first trip with it in a few hours, and should be a fun to play around with it…it even has a "flight mode" so  you can mess with it on the plane without rerouting the plane to Taiwan… or whatever the cell phones to do planes.


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