One voice can change the world


As most of you kind readers know, I’m a huge Obama supporter. I’ve voted for Obama for a number of reasons, but not least of which is that I believe him to be the “Social Media Candidate”. He’s a candidate who believes in a politics that aligns directly and absolutely with the social media premise: participation. His campaign has been the largest “social media” program to date, spanning technology, process, engagement, and concept.

Months ago, Senator Obama put in short form what many of us social media wonks have been struggling to communicate, and more importantly, prove.

If one voice can change a room,
then it can change a city,
and if it can change a city, it can change a state,
and if it can change a state, it can change a nation,
and if it can change a nation, it can change the world.

The Obama campaign has started a movement; it’s generated enthusiasm and action and interest in politics and activism. It’s made millions, including myself, believe again that a single voice has power beyond itself. This is Social Media. This is Community Building. This is Customer Collaboration. This is changing the world in the way those of us wonks have been begging the world to do.

Consider what we’ve heard throughout the Obama campaign:

  • “Yes We Can”. Reminds me of We are Smarter Than Me.
  • “We are the change we’re looking for”. Open source culture, anyone?
  • “We’ve been warned by a chorus of cynics that we can’t do this”. I know you’ve felt this pain before.

While I might disagree with many of Obama’s policy ideas, for me there was only one choice for my vote. The fully embedded community nerd simply had no other choice than to support with my vote the same beliefs that I work to impart on my clients and audiences.

I’ve written before about the deeper reasons I’ve supported Obama, but today I’d like to be bold with that support. I call on you to consider the power of social media on business and imagine that power applied to government. I can only imagine what the social engagement classroom looks like with a President Obama.


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