Perhaps the worst idea yet

This has to be the worst idea I’ve ever heard…

Spot Runner
We make it easy to get your business on TV

It used to be difficult – and expensive – to advertise on television. Only big companies could afford to do it because it involved hiring an ad agency to make the actual ads, and a media buying company to make sure they got on TV at the right time. Now Spot Runner does everything for you, and at a price any business can afford. Here’s how:

The Ads: We have a vast library of world-class ads. You choose the ad you want and then personalize it by adding your company name, or images of your products, or details about an upcoming promotion. We charge you for making those personalizations, and for getting your finished ad ready to be broadcast on television.

The TV schedule: Once you’ve chosen your ad, we help you create an effective schedule of TV networks and times to ensure that your ad is seen by the right people. Then we send off your personalized ad and make sure it runs where and when it’s supposed to. Our prices include all the time and effort it takes to do that.

In an era of decreasing TV ad effectiveness, launching a business that allows mom and pop to create clip art ads seems to be a brilliant solution for helping increase the speed of the death spiral of TV ads.

I’m honestly at a loss for words on how bad of an idea this is. Think of the handshake image in Powerpoint presentations. You know you’ve seen a few….hundred…of those in your time. Now that same annoyance can come to TV….


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