Pointless Projects

Sometimes I look at really cool online marketing projects and scratch my head for days trying to figure out how the project delivers on the marketing mission.

Sony put together a really great web site at www.pspartgallery.com. Specifically, they have an area called Portable Gallery.

From name alone the assumption is that there will be art of some sort and that it would be portable – perhaps even tying in somehow to their portable device, the PSP. Of course, this is Sony we’re talking about, so it’s not suprising that the content isn’t portable. The site has some amazingly cool functionality allowing you to upload/create/share artwork. Funny thing is, there’s no easy to to move it to the PSP for viewing or showing to friends.

I have to imagine that during the develop of the web site with the agency doing the work, both the agency and the marketing manager in charge forgot the core mission of the site – creating value for (and thus interest in) the PSP.

It’s sad to see a cool project like this not used to actually meet the marketing mission.


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