Rapid Fire – Friday, April 04

The Future of WordPress Themes

An interesting look at what 11 design minds have to say about the future of WordPress themes. With the market and mind share that WordPress has, WP themes have influence on the entire design industry. Well worth the read.

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Amazon.com–Print on Demand

I talk a lot about the importance of communication and the value of wonderful writing, so I always love finding great examples. Here’s one!

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MySpace Announces iTunes Rival

And in the ‘why the hell are you JUST now doing this’ department comes this news: “MySpace announces today that they will launch MySpace Music, a service to rival Apple’s popular iTunes music player and marketplace.”

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How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse | Danger Room from Wired.com

Because it’s Friday…”You’ve found out how to take down 500-foot monsters, and learned the secret to terminating Terminators. Now it’s time for the utimate challenge.”

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Rent 200,000 Books with Online Book Rental – BookSwim.com

“BookSwim is the first online book rental library club lending you paperbacks and hardcovers directly to your house without the need to purchase! Whether it’s New Releases, Bestsellers, or Classics, we’ve got over 200,000 titles to choose from, with free shipping both ways! Read your books as long as you want. — no late fees! Even choose to purchase and keep the titles you love!”

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Groundswell – The Social Technographics Ladder

Good info from Forrester!

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My buddy Jay is working at Sabre, specifically working on a product/project called cubeless. In short, it’s a social networking tool for internal corporate collaboration, and after seeing it in action I’m incredibly impressed. Be sure to check out the blog too – they have some fantastic discussions happening.

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