Rapid Fire – Friday, April 25

U2.com | Official News

Remastered early U2 albums? Woot!

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u2.com | John Legend covers “Pride”

Apparently it’s U2 Friday!

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BrickJournal : TwoMorrows Publishing, Celebrating the Art & History of Comics

“BrickJournal magazine is the ultimate resource for Lego enthusiasts of all ages. Edited by Joe Meno, it spotlights all aspects of the LEGO Community, showcasing events, people, and models in every issue, with contributions and how-to articles by top builders worldwide, new product intros, and more! Produced with assistance from the LEGO Group.”

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Gnarls Barkley | ELPUOC DDO EHT

All the talk today seems to be around Gnarls Barkley releasing their new album as a free download MP3 online. One catch: The download is the entire album, but backwards. This is fun, if somewhat silly. Of course, my copy is downloading now and I’ve heard it’s actually pretty cool to listen to backwards.

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The Brand Fan Marketplace – ClickZ

Good article about the three ways marketers can keep brand fan sites strong.

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Coca-Cola Hunts for Social-Net Formula

“The schizophrenic responses show the uncertain embrace Coke’s made of social media as it tries to translate its over 50 years of success in the traditional marketing world to the new terrain. The pitfalls the company has faced and concessions it’s made highlight the challenges faced by big brands navigating the new marketing playbook.”

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Ad Track: Starbucks splash stick says no to sploshing – USATODAY.com

Starbucks has had enough complaints about coffee spurting from the sip holes in its lids to do something about it. Apparently they really are paying attention to the ideas generated on MyStarbucksIdea.com!

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Make up your own mind about McDonald’s restaurants and food quality

“Make up your own mind about McDonald’s restaurants and food quality. From nutritional information to McDonald’s staff training, the company answers all your questions.”

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