Rapid Fire – Friday, February 08

Five Magazines You Have Never Read – Marketing & Strategy Innovation Blog

“Someone famous (Ogilvy?) said that it was a good idea to make a habit of picking up magazines that are outside of your usual set. The ones below would probably work.” Onion World? Seriously? An entire magazine dedicated to the nastiest vegetable on the planet? Yes, that would definitely be stepping out of my comfort zone… of course, that’s exactly the point.

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Amazon.com: Personality Not Included: Why Brands Lose Their Authenticity And How Great Companies Get it Back: Books: Rohit Bhargava

Very intrigued by this new book coming out. Rohit is a power player, to be sure, so the book should be an interesting read. Rohit, if you need reviewers I’m here for you!

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SignOnSanDiego.com > News > Business — Jack’s back on the campaign trail

Jack (from Jack in the Box commercial fame) is being drafted to run for president. But apparently it’s not all jokes: “Chris Heath Murch, president of San Diego-based wsRadio and one of about 10 founding members of NOTAPAC, said the campaign has a serious side: Give people a chance to air their views about the current crop of real presidential candidates and promote discussion about the political process.”

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Hey! Nielsen: TV, Movie, Music, Video Game, Internet, Celebrity Opinions, Ratings, News And Reviews

Interesting social site… reminds me of Why08.org, but for entertainment and based around an existing business and business model.
“Hey! Nielsen encourages its users to make an impact on the entertainment they enjoy. Those who register and post opinions and comments frequently gain status on Hey! Nielsen that may lead to an invitation to exclusive sneak previews, research panels, or exclusive rewards from Nielsen or our partners.”

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Hey, No Whopper on the Menu?! – WSJ.com

Apparently the Burger King Freakout campaign is good stuff. “Since kicking off two months ago, the video has been played 3.3 million times on a special Burger King Web site and has had 357,367 views on YouTube. More importantly, Burger King says it helped sell burgers.”

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Nathan Sawaya, the LEGO artist

My friend Nathan continues to become more and more powerful with his LEGO building skillz. Holy crap.

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