Rapid Fire – Friday, May 23

The Social Media Gender Gap

“According to a Rapleaf study, while both sexes still use social networking sites in huge numbers, women are the ones holding down the fort.”

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Nine Company Blogs That Are Fun For Anyone to Read – ReadWriteWeb

RWW shares nine corporate blogs that are actually fun to read! Who’d have thought. I’d also add the Graco blog to this list – http://blog.gracobaby.com/

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Why word of mouth doesn’t happen | Seeds of Growth

Sometimes it’s good to look at why WOM *doesn’t* happen, rather than why it does.

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curryhouse on Flickr – Photo Sharing!

A traditional English Indian restaurant … in LEGO!

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Rocketship “Paragon” on Flickr – Photo Sharing!

I love the design style of 1950s type rockets, so to see one created in LEGO … well that’s just fantastic.

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Canon Official Camera of the NFL

Yes, it’s from rival brand, Canon, but this is a really cool commercial!

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The $3 Trillion Shopping Spree

Interesting use of Web to make/prove an activism point: “The occupation of Iraq will cost $3 trillion, America’s most expensive conflict since WWII. Can YOU spend that money better? Here’s your chance to go on a virtual $3 trillion shopping spree and prove it!”

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What businesses need to know about social media… – Here Comes Everybody

Good overview of Social Media and what it means to business. Of course, the power isn’t just the quick formation and dissolution of groups, it’s also their mid- and long-term permanence.

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Is Social Media bad for the environment? | Chris Heuer’s Inystes

Chris poses an interesting question about the use of all this social media stuff – is it harming the environment to be using so many gadgets and creating so much content?

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