Rapid Fire – Monday, January 07

3 Ways To Claim Your Life Back – How To Step Away From Your Computer | Zen Habits

Great tips in an obvious, “gee I wish I’d been the first to write these down” sorta way. We could all benefit from taking heed of these three points!

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100 things we didn’t know last year

An interesting collection of 100 factoids you probably don’t know. From the BBC, so some of the terms are funny. Ha ha, Brits talk funny. Nappers. Ha.

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Podcast: Chris Messina on DiSo at Like It Matters

Social Media & Relevant Conversations

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5 Web Comics That Will Make You Ditch Your Newspaper – washingtonpost.com

The Washington Post takes a look at the Webcomic landscape and pulls several of their favorites. Of course you have to Google the names because they don’t link to them. Genius. Gotta love that old media mindset…..

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Sony BMG Confirms DRM Free Music, But Will Force Customers to Visit A Store To Buy It

Sony continues to remind me of that drunken uncle. You want to like him. You used to like him. He used to be a great guy. But now, no matter how many chances you give him, he continues to show up drunk to family events and puke on the guest towels. Uncle Sony, why can’t you just go to rehab??

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“Bro Logic” – CollegeHumor

Ever wonder what happened to the use of your favorite word, “dude”? It’s been replaced, bro.

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