Rapid Fire – Saturday, December 08

String of new concepts puts Threadless on map

“But why a store after seven years, after turning down offers from chain stores to carry their tees and after watching other online entrepreneurs emulate their business model? Threadless sees the store as more of a marketing vehicle than a sales tool for the company, exposing its concept to people who might otherwise not know about the Web site. It wants to put other stores in smaller markets that have active art communities, cities like Seattle; Portland, Ore.; Boulder, Colo.; and Austin, Texas.”

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In Soviet Russia « Lolcats

…because sometimes you just have to share the funny.

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Producers, Writers Negotiations Collapse

“Negotiations between striking Hollywood writers and studios collapsed Friday, the culmination of a day in which the sides traded barbs and accusations. The Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers announced that the round of talks that started Tuesday had broken down, stalling efforts to end the five-week strike that has sidelined many prime-time and late-night TV shows.”

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The Learning Glass Ceiling (or, is your leader a Know it All?)

“Working as a consultant with senior leaders in major corporations for the last 25 years I’ve observed a disturbing pattern: once they get to the top (CEO and other C-suite level positions), many of them refuse to participate in learning experiences, even though they expect other leaders in their organizations to do so. What’s that about? And why is it a problem? There are two important issues: 1) the message it sends to the rest of the organization, and 2) the inability of the top leaders to role-model and reinforce what is being taught.”

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Social Marketing: Connect, Listen and Influence

From the article: “The rise of the consumer as purchase influencer is further reinforced by a JupiterResearch study in which 77 percent of online shoppers indicated that they rely on consumer-initiated reviews and ratings.”

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? Name That Tune ? – NBC

If you’re watching the NBC show “Life” (great show, but BOOO to NBC!), you’ll appreciate this running list of the great music used in the show.

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