Rapid Fire – Saturday, March 22

Who’s that selling at your (online) door? | csmonitor.com

“‘Businesses have to be very careful, because the line between a creative ad campaign and unethical manipulation can be very fine,’ he adds. Many companies have found this out – sometimes the hard way.”

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WebbAlert – Your Daily Tech Roundup

Great daily web news update. It’s smart, and very interesting.

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Facebook Toast? Hot Today, Dead Tomorrow–Like AOL? – Silicon Alley Insider

This argument has been around for nearly as long as Facebook has been even remotely successful, but I do think that Facebook’s lack of a real business model and their unwillingness to open up their platform is going to lead to serious problems.

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Hollywood to Remake Dune, Seven Samurai | The Underwire from Wired.com

“Hollywood studios were so excited to get their creative and inventive writers back that it promptly put many of them to work rehashing old movies.”

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Ten Reasons Marketers Should Pay Attention to Wikipedia – ClickZ

“But Wikipedia is rewriting the marketing script, because it’s far and away one of the Web’s most potent and powerful affirmation drivers. Once the primary domain of A-list bloggers and Web 2.0 elite, it’s now unmistakably penetrated the online masses. Even those who don’t use it are impacted by the conversation it shapes, online or off-.”

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Blogging and Newspapers, a Lesson in How Not to Brand and Market – Blog Maverick

Mark Cuban takes on blogging and newspapers. Interesting read.

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