Rapid Fire – Sunday, April 20

Technology Review: Blogs: Ed Boyden’s blog: How to Think

Managing brain resources in an age of complexity.

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On the Internet, Everyone Can Hear You Complain – New York Times

“Get Satisfaction allows people to post feedback about their experiences with any company they choose, and it encourages companies to visit its site, www.getsatisfaction.com, to respond publicly. Since September, when the site began, people have posted complaints or comments regarding 2,000 companies, and 40 percent of the companies have answered, at no charge to either side.”

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Amazon.com: Lego Indiana Jones: Video Games

First it was the LEGO Star Wars video game, then LEGO Batman was announced, and now this. LEGO Indiana Jones. I grew up a little too early, I think. (If anyone wants to pre-order my copy for me, I won’t tell you no!)

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AppleScript: Control your Mac with an e-mail – The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW)

Wow, this is really cool. Set up a mail account on your Mac, follow these instructions, then send emails to your computer to have it do stuff (shut down, open files, start applications, whatever). Very cool!

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Threadless T-Shirts – You Sank My Battleship by Ron Lewis

This is a badass Threadless design!

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Interview Claudia L’Amoureaux

Interesting interview with someone who seems to know a thing or two about the “metaverse”… the 3-D internet, if you will.

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BBC NEWS | Europe | Danish PM jogs with Facebook fans

“Denmark’s PM goes jogging with about 100 people he met through the social networking website Facebook.”

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