Rapid Fire – Sunday, August 24

greg hughes – dot net – How to exclude a domain from your Google search results

Greg Hughes points out a cool, undocumented trick for excluding certain domains from your Google Alerts. Very helpful.

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What If the Kindle Succeeds? | Electronic Frontier Foundation

The EFF takes on the implications of success of Amazon’s Kindle.

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shannonstairhime’s Bookmarks on Delicious

Shannon Stairhime’s delicious bookmark collection is a fantastic resource.

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Simplicity – Joel on Software

“Minimalist aesthetics are quite hip these days. But if you think simplicity means ‘not very many features” or “does one thing and does it well,’ then I applaud your integrity but you can’t go that far with a product that deliberately leaves features out. Even the iPod has gratuitous Solitaire game.”

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Balsamiq Mockups Home | Balsamiq

This is one of the coolest Adobe AIR apps, and hell, one of the coolest prototyping apps I’ve seen yet.

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Very cool trailer for an interesting documentary. The story telling mixes archival footage with animation. Very neat way to tell a story!

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iPhone GUI PSD

Make a quick iPhone app mockup with this PSD file full of iPhone UI elements.

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IN A WORLD Movie Trailer Free Ringtone

Funny ringtone. I dare you to actually use this one.

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Micro Persuasion: Get Paid to Twitter Using the Adjix Link Shrinker

Very interesting idea for making money off your twitter links. Anyone have any first hand experience with this?

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