Rapid Fire – Sunday, July 13

As Web Traffic Grows, Crashes Take Bigger Toll – NYTimes.com

“Companies like Google want us to store not just e-mail online but also spreadsheets, photo albums, sales data and nearly every other piece of personal and professional information. That data is supposed to be more accessible than information tucked away in the office computer or filing cabinet. The problem is that this ideal requires Web services to be available around the clock — and even the Internet’s biggest companies sometimes have trouble making that happen.”

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Apple Explains How To Extend Battery Life on the iPhone 3G | CenterNetworks

Want to maximize your battery life on the new 3G iPhone? Apple provides brilliant tips for doing so, most of which equate to: stop using the phone. Yeah!

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Things – task management on the Mac

I’ve been trying desperately to get the GTD task management methodology in place for my own organization for sometime now, but never seem to find the right tool to do it. Things is that tool. Finally. They have an iPhone app too, but unfortunately their first release doesn’t have syncing. Though the team is promising it soon.

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But He’s Really Nice In Person: Social Media and the Embarrassing CEO | Marketing Profs Daily Fix Blog

“But that’s the job of the agency or the social media consultancy. To figure out who needs to assume the role of the customer-facing online company representative. To audition people internally to ensure that you’ve got the right players in place. To be the one who points out that even though other CEOs have created a following online, yours is likely to have the opposite effect. To create a mix of characters who all play off against each other to create a complete and holistic picture.”

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EAA’s B-17 – Aluminum Overcast

Man oh man do I want to take one of these B-17 rides!

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Let’s Ride on a B-17! – The Something Awful Forums

Here’s another story of someone taking one of these kick ass B17 rides… Drool.

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The Far Side of the World Photo Gallery – EAA B-17 Experience

And another B17 story… yowza.

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