Rapid Fire – Sunday, November 04

How To Make Instant Hot Ice – One Mans Blog

See, chemistry *can* be cool! (or icy, in this case)

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Anil Dash: Fanboys Are Stupid, But You Are Not

Being a community figure with even a somewhat large reach (although here, Anil has a big reach) requires a damn thick skin. Anil was ballsy enough to mention he didn’t like something about Apple, and …ouch.

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Dig A Silicon Valley Girl

Is this really necessary?


Best Engaging Communities: Budget Allocation for Marketing

My buddy Mukund talks about how he things marketing budgets in our new world should (and in his own company’s case, do) break down.

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Teacake Bake Shop

What do you do when you don’t have a great cupcake supplier close by? Order online, and according to my friend Ace, Teacake Bake Shop is bad ass. Overnight tasty treats. Who could ask for more? God Bless The Internet!

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SEED Conference: Sketchnotes 01-02 on Flickr – Photo Sharing!

Very cool way to “live blog” a conference – scan your sketches + notes and post them on Flickr. Nice.

(Thanks to Brian for the pointer)

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Geek And Poke

Funny web comic about The Social. Good stuff.

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Anna Papadopoulos: Who’s Afraid of Social Media? – Media on The Huffington Post

“So, why would an advertiser take this risk when playing it safe is so much easier? No one gets fired for playing it safe, right? Wrong. The advertising landscape is changing and marketers who behave like it’s 1999 are going to get left behind.” Well said!

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