Rapid Fire – Thursday, April 10

1981 DeLorean DMC-12 – Ask Me About My Flux Capacitor

“Having a DeLorean is like 5 percent being a rock star,” said Lauren J. Reilly, a bubbly 31-year-old producer at the Deutsch advertising agency who owns a 1981 DeLorean DMC-12 — the only model DeLorean built (and for just two years).

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Apple – Seminars Online – Aperture for iPhoto Users – Watch the seminar

I’ve recently picked up Aperture and am learning how to use it. Apple has provided a nicely done video about how to both move from iPhoto to Aperture and also use both apps side-by-side. Thanks, Apple!

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A community of community managers on Twitter? « Marketing Nirvana

Mario’s put together a cool list of community manager folks around the Web. Always great to meet liked minded people!

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Meeting Barack Obama in Atherton

Cool video about Obama and technology.

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Mini Franchises for Kids

I’m fascinated by this idea. I’m also saddened that we’ve moved so far past the lemonade stand.

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Open Source Software Made Developers Cool. Now It Can Make Them Rich

“In 2007, some 30 open source software companies were purchased for more than $1 billion — double the number of sales in 2005, according to consulting firm 451 Group. And 2008 is proving to be even more frenetic. In January alone, Sun Microsystems announced the purchase of open source pioneer MySQL for $1 billion…”

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Google Earth maps refugee crises – CNN.com

Very cool (and sad) usage of Google Maps: “Internet search giant Google Inc. unveiled a new feature Tuesday for its popular mapping programs that shines a spotlight on the movement of refugees around the world.”

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