Rapid Fire – Tuesday, February 05

apophenia: Pew on teen social media practices (with interesting bits on class)

Danah points out another great Pew report that covers teens and and how they use social media. Go Pew!

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Museum’s Featured Exhibit: Social Media Integration – ClickZ

Dave shares a case study about what businesses can learn from the Brooklyn Museum’s smart use of Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, and blogs.

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Kinset – Overview

3D shopping malls have been attempted many times over the years. But is the tech finally there? Kinset will certainly try to convince you it is with their new project.

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Prisoner of Amazon.com (checkout) « The Product Guy

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Locate, Rate, and Share Good and Bad Neighbors Before and After You Move

“Rotten Neighbor is the first real estate search engine of its kind to provide ratings and reviews of good and bad neighbors across the world. Whether you’re an agent, broker, renter, first time homebuyer, or buyer of investment property – Find out what your neighbors are saying at Rotten Neighbor.”

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Blogspotting Interview with John Battelle on Blogs as a Business – BusinessWeek

Cool interview about business blogging with someone who knows a thing or two on the subject.

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The Blogger’s Double Standard – Media Bullseye

I like Chip’s position on what bloggers should expect about their “rights” in relation to their blogging activity. (Be sure to read Chip’s first comment too to fully understand what he’s getting at)

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Laura Alter » Blog Archive » Using Psychology to Create a Killer Sticky Website

Fantastic read – make time for this one!

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Culinary Seductions

Talk about zoning in on your audience… this site does a great job of delivering on their mission. “Our mission is to entertain and educate all those who are interested in winning their dates over with food.”

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