Rapid Fire – Wednesday, April 02

Joel on Software

A long, complicated, but good article about the realities (and troubles) of creating a “standards compliant” browser. Lots of discussion about to happen when IE8 hits… fun.

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Sawse – Stir it Up! » Blog Archive » 25 Photographs Taken at the Exact Right Time

Very cool collection of fantastic action photos. God I love photography!

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Installing WordPress Locally Using MAMP

Yet another reason I love Open Source + Mac. Running a Web server locally is super easy. Now I can dink with my WordPress blog when on a plane!

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Great Flickr Find

I love photography, but I particularly love great shots of people. This is one of the coolest shots I’ve seen lately. It’s incredibly simple, but very nicely done – the angles, the coloring, and the pose are wonderfully done.

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Jake McKee’s twitter conversations – Quotably.com

View Twitter conversations as threaded discussions. Just enter a username. Very cool.

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The New Job Application: No E-mail or Résumé – The Inside Job (usnews.com)

“What’s a job application without a résumé? What’s a job posting that doesn’t ask for one? Ask Aaron Strout. He’s vice president of new media at Burlington, Mass.-based Mzinga, a firm that creates social networks and online communities for businesses.”

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JrzyShr Dev Guy : What’s Wrong with Social Networking?

“Social Networking: Everyone wants a piece of the action. Users want to be where the cool people are and feel part of a community. Businesses want to make money off of it. The 44 billion dollar question is: How? I don’t know the answer.”

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Teasing Batman – Los Angeles Times

I got a call from Harvey Dent today. Pretty cool, he asked me for help in fending off some naysayers in his upcoming campaign. The “viral” campaign (aka: great marketing) is in full gear for Batman: The Dark Knight. CAN NOT WAIT!!

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SF Activists Use Twitter to Coordinate War Protest – MarketingVOX

Still think Twitter is silly? “To mark the fifth anniversary of the US occupation of Iraq, anti-war protesters in San Francisco used the micro-blogging service Twitter to coordinate their movements throughout the day.”

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Virtual Worlds: A Business Guide | Research Reports | O’Reilly Radar

“Find out what it takes to launch a successful Facebook application, understand the new rules of the application development game in a Web 2.0 world, and get the scoop on the most popular Facebook apps in this new report from Tim O’Reilly and the O’Reilly Radar team.”

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Your brand is defined by the UI between your company and your consumers

“Your brand is defined by the consumer, not by you – I think everyone can agree with that. In the same breath, most marketing pundits will add the fact that you can no longer control your brand – an assertion I am not sure goes hand in hand with the first one.”

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American Airlines Launches Exciting New Application Using Facebook Platform

American Airlines creates a Facebook app. Here’s a long, boring press release to find out more. Woop.

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Andy Sernovitz’s Damn, I Wish I’d Thought of That!: Building a corporate culture, Part 2

Andy interviews my new hero: The dude who founded GeekSquad. Consider this a follow-up to the fantastic video of this guy’s presentation I posted last week.

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Unsurprisingly, Flip has 13% of Camcorder Market

Wow. “Flip, that tiny digital video camera you can buy at Walgreen’s for just over $100, is reporting a 13% stake …”

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Keeping Kids Safe Online: Myths & Tips, Things To Think About To Ensure Online Socializing Remains “Smart Socializing” – CBS News

“Let’s start by dispelling one popular myth. Your kids don’t have all the answers when it comes to the use of technology. They may know more about how to operate a computer or a cell phone or put a page up on a social networking site, but just because some adults are a bit technologically challenged doesn’t mean that they have no place supervising kids’ use of technology. Adults have one thing that teens don’t have – life experience — which for most translates into wisdom.”

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