Rapid Fire – Wednesday, November 21

Threadless T-Shirts – Movies: Ruining The Book Since 1920 by Jayson Dougherty

The Threadless email newsletter (received today) turned me onto this cool ass T design. I was all excited to buy it. But it’s 100% sold out. So either: a) they sold out of every size really fast or b) they sent out the newsletter before they setup the store to receive the orders. Either way, yikes.

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Main Page – LOLCat Bible Translation Project

Just because the end of a short holiday week…

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Let’s Focus on Web Innovation Again!

Are we in the digestive phase of Web innovation? … “a period of time for us to reflect, to integrate, and to understand recent technologies and how they fit together.”

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Lolcats: a history – Dumpalink.com


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U2 – Wave of Sorrow

Bono describes the motivation behind one of the unfinished songs that never made it onto the Joshua Tree album, but is part of the new 20th anniversary Joshua Tree remastered disc. 20 years, yikes.

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Analysis of Web 2.0 Design & Layout Trends

Really great look at various design styles of Web 2.0 sites. There’s some great work happening with these Web 2.0 sites, and we can all learn from their efforts.

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7 Reasons Why Web Apps Fail – Bokardo

Josh creates a great list of reasons why Web apps fail. Man, the more I read Josh’s blog the more I feel inclined to bow down at the feet of a genius.

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