Sorry for the drool

Holy lord…. where can I buy one?? Seriously. Today.

UPDATE: Official info from Apple on the iPhone. Is there anything this phone can’t do??

Personally, I’ll wait for 3G data and more info about how my contacts, calendar, and email can sync over the air. That’s what ties me to my Windows smartphone now.

UPDATE II: Apple has posted a stream of the Steve Jobs keynote.

UPDATE III: Kottke has posted pics of a scale model iPhone so you can judge scale. OK, so it’s not as huge as I was worried about. Great news. Check that off the list of potential concerns. Now the next big questions: what’s the battery time like? After a few months of putting it next to your head and jabbing your grungy fingers all over it how nasty does it get? When will we see an upgrade to 3G data services?

Update IV: Cringley takes a stab at why Apple would hobble the internet connection to dial-up like speeds. His take is that it’s basically that since CIngular Video runs via RealVideo, and Apple wants Quicktime usage, especially as it relates to the iTunes store, they hobbled. He also thinks it would require pressure on Cingular to change, but that once Cingular made the decision the change would be as simple as a firmware or software update. Here’s the contact info for Cingular. Drop them a note!!


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