Stem to Stern

OK, I have to share this one…

I’m driving home yesterday and pull up to a stoplight. It’s a long wait at a busy intersection, and I start looking around. As I look to my left, I see a woman pick up her cell phone (I think it was ringing), get it almost to her ear only to pull it away a stare at it. After a good second or two of staring, she put the phone up to her mouth and…. licked it from at least the middle of the keypad to the top of the screen. We’re talking full tounge bath. Seriously.  After a very quick brush on her sleeve and BAM! back up the ear where she proceed to converse with the party on the other end of the line. I had to wonder if they heard the licking and rubbing…

From now on I’m not going to be looking around in traffic anymore. Eyes straight ahead at all times.


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