Superbowl Countdown

When the Superbowl rolls around, us marketing people get excited about the pagentry, the triumphant clash of teams well practiced and at the top of their game, and the rush of excitement that comes from champions playing out their A-game in front of millions.

No, I’m not talking about the football players, I’m taking about the ad agencies. This is a magical time for those of us who love commercials, or at least great commercials.

(OK, you’re probably wondering how someone who has railed against traditional marketing so many times can then say they love traditional marketing. The reality is that I dislike traditional marketing as an activity, but absolutely love fantastic marketing efforts, traditional or otherwise. A well-planned, well-executed, well-concepted activity is a wonderful thing. One of the few times we see this level of succes from traditional outlets these days is around Superbowl time.)

This year I’m even more excited to watch, since multiple companies have opened up the creation process to consumers. Doritos is doing it. The NFL is doing it (sorta).

The Doritos site puts it best:

"Repeat after me: I will respect other people’s creativity and child-like abilty to fearlessly express their imagination."

Be sure to check out the commercials at the Doritos site – they’re fantastic. I laughed outloud at two different commercials.

(If you’re not into the Superbowl, try the women-only Dove contest for the Academy Awards)


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