Supporting Obama

For readers of my blog, it comes as no surprise that I’m a big Barack Obama fan. I tell a lot of people about why I like him and try to explain that “experience” isn’t necessarily a good thing. After all, we currently have one of the most “experienced” (and greedy, and incompetent, and lazy…) administrations in modern history.

There’s something incredibly inspiring about Obama’s campaign. He’s a communicator, a natural leader. I came across a description of his campaign today in a Huffington post comment and it summed up my feelings so wonderfully that I had to share.

Whats wrong with electing a dreamer? I mean really, why can’t we elect someone who believes in the best of America and Americans? Why not someone who tries to make his wide-eyed dreams come true? He’s been doing okay at making them come true so far. Do we really want another cynical, petty, beaten down, ideolog, leader? Someone who only fights for what they can achieve and not the things we should achieve. A mans reach SHOULD exceed his grasp. The point is to REACH! Why not shoot for the Stars we might get lucky and bump into Mars? How about we give America a leader that inspires her back to sky instead of the mud-wrestling we’ve become accustom to since Nixon.

Contrast this thinking against the vile, hateful, aggressive nature of the Clinton campaign and you see something amazing. We need inspiration, hope, and leadership. Not press releases saying that Obama was lying when he said he hasn’t been planning a run for a long time because of kindergarten and third grade essays. (I’m completely serious)


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