SXSW Panel Concept: Can I count on your vote?

Last year I had an absolutely fantastic time running the “Community Ecology: Finding balance when working with fan groups” session at SXSW. The panel was a great collection of all types of folks, from brands to web-based games to agencies.

This year, I swore I wasn’t going to try to speak – I was going to go to SXSW and just soak in the Austin/Interactive fun. But when Hugh from the SXSW team asked me about adding a session concept for consideration this year, I was, once again, moved to throw my hat in the ring.

I’ve been talking to clients quite a bit lately about moderation methods and tactics. Surely, they’ve been asking, we can create something more fun and enjoyable than simply having remote moderators screen for porn and spam? Can’t we get the users involved in a way that they get a kick out of?

Thus was born the idea for this year’s SXSW panel:

Breaking the “Porn / Not Porn” Mold for Online Moderation
While the user created content concepts continue to get more engaging, the methods we employ to filter out spam, porn, profanity and other unacceptable content has remained largely unchanged. This panel reveals unique techniques, tools, and strategies for making online moderation as cool and fun as the sites it supports.

Interested in seeing the session? Want to help me out? Please head over to the SXSW Panel Picker page and vote my session up! Since it’s election season, I’ll say it: Can I count on your vote?


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