The latest craze: Clipboard Roulette

In recording the latest episode of the Clue Unit podcast, we stumbled across what will most certainly be the latest craze to sweep the nation. Perhaps the world. Maybe even the universe.

Clipboard Roulette

The game is easy; here’s how you can play at home:

  1. Challenge a friend to a game of Clipboard Roulette.
  2. Post  whatever is current in your Ctrl+V cache (…or Cmd+V for your Mac folks) at the moment into an email, IM, Twitter or any other agreed upon format. You must immediately paste your clipboard contents, no editing, no searching for something better than what’s really in your clipboard.
  3. The person with the more risque, troublesome, or potentially career threatening post wins.

It’s that simple. What used to be thought of as a "business disaster" is now nothing more than a fun parlor game. Isn’t the Internet great??

Need an example? I just challenged Lee to a game. Here’s how it went:

Me:  "I challenge you to a duel of CR!"
*** Tuesday Evening
For those of you in town on Tuesday evening, some of the Forum One
Staff will be gathering at Blue Chalk in Palo Alto for a drink around
7pm. Please feel free to stop by and say hello.

As you can see, I clearly win.

Lee, Chris, and I may very well be starting a CVR League soon, so you should start forming your teams now.


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