The New Gig

Today I’m starting week 4 at the new job. It’s rapidly loosing the "new" moniker, which is just fine by me. I like being settled in.

The return to agency life is wonderful – I really like dividing my day into several areas rather than one. Although I’m finding it odd to be on the other side of the table now, not being the client but working for the client. Hopefully my experience from the last 5 years is just making me a better provider.

One of the big reasons I left LEGO was that it was time to determine whether "community" concepts can be applied to a company that didn’t have a built-in community like LEGO did. Can "normal" companies benefit from communty/consumer thinking?

The answer is clearly a resounding "yes". Without question there are tons of opportunities for every company and brand out there to form closer relationships with their consumers. The real trick to the process is understanding how best to apply it. All brands are not created equal and nor should their community efforts. One company might work directly with their fan community. Another might simply do a better job of interacting with loyal users via their call centers.

But overall it’s been a crazy busy transition, and I’m loving it. Stay tuned for more info about some of the projects I’m working on. You’re going to dig them.


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